Marketplace Events Reports Increases in Attendance and Space Sales for 2010 Spring Home Shows

Three successful launches in Cleveland, Denver, Indianapolis solidify company's position in these markets

CLEVELAND, OH - The portfolio of 18 home shows produced by Marketplace Events between January 15 and March 28, 2010 saw a 7% increase in attendance over last year, while exhibit space sales grew 4% over prior year for the same period, it was announced April 13 by company CFO Mark White. Additionally, White reported that exhibit space sales for the company's fall 2010 series of shows are on track to increase 12% over prior year.

"As we predicted in October of last year, strong attendance increases in our fall 2009 home shows are driving significant space sales growth for our upcoming fall shows but also jump-started space sales for our recent spring shows" explained White.

Company CEO Tom Baugh believes that these increases coupled with the fact that more exhibitors are reporting greater sales at the shows, is a sign that consumer spending in the home improvement sector is beginning to rebound. "The people attending our home shows are clearly spending more money with exhibitors than last year" said Baugh, "and that's a very good sign."

Of the 18 shows produced already this year, three shows were launches for the company: The Great Big Home & Garden Expo in Cleveland; The Indianapolis Home & Flower Show at Lucas Oil Stadium and The Denver Home Show. The success of all three means they now join the roster as annual events.

The nine-day Great Big Home & Garden Expo held in Cleveland at the I-X Center in February was the largest show ever launched by the company. The show team sold 109,000 net square feet of space and drew 78,682 attendees in its first year. "Our new team in Cleveland produced one of the finest quality shows I have ever seen in my 30+ years in this business" said Baugh. Since the Cleveland show ended just nine weeks ago, the team has already renewed 45% of all the space sold, for 2011. "Right out of the gate, this show has instantly become a star performer in our portfolio."

The company also launched the Indianapolis Home & Flower Show at Lucas Oil Stadium in March; just four weeks after the team produced the 88-year-old Indianapolis Home Show at the Indiana State Fairgrounds. "Our home show at the fairgrounds has consistently been one of the strongest shows in our portfolio" said Baugh. "We were excited about the opportunity to build upon our success in this market by producing a second show, more focused on gardens and flowers, in a fantastic venue at Lucas Oil Stadium." The three-day launch in Indianapolis featured 250 exhibitors and far exceeded attendance expectations with 27,310 attendees.

The Denver Home Show, in the second year of its three-year launch phase, was held in March at the National Western Complex. "The Denver show really came into its own this year" explained Baugh. "We listened to our customers - both exhibitors and attendees. We made some changes to the look and feel of the show and were able to produce a quality event that drew a large audience." Space sales in the Denver show increased by 36.5% over last year. Attendance increased by 65%, due in part to the implementation of a strategic ticketing program that had proven successful in other shows produced by Marketplace Events.

"To successfully launch three shows during these economic times says a lot about our company and our people" explained Baugh. According to the company's Vice President of Business Development Paul Schweitzer, there has been a noticeable uptick this year in both acquisition and launch opportunities throughout North America. Schweitzer anticipates the addition of two new shows to the portfolio which the company plans to announce in the next several weeks.


I'm truly amazed how quickly you built this new show in two short years. I can't remember the last time we went non-stop from opening to close. Many thanks for running a fantastic show.
-Window Attire, Inc., Denver Home Show Exhibitor

"Shattered all Records"
Thank you for organizing the best show in which we have ever exhibited. The feedback from consumers was tremendous. You have successfully created a buzz that will brand this show as "THE" home show to attend. My company shattered all previous sales records compared to other shows.
-Universal Windows Direct, Great Big Home & Garden Expo Exhibitor (Cleveland, OH)

"Cost-Effective Advertising"
The show is my main source of advertising and has proven over the years to be the most cost-effective method contacting new customers. I truly feel that we are a strong, growing company because of the excellent performance of you and your staff. You are the best at what you do. The spring 2010 show once again out-performed my expectations. Job well done.
-Factory Direct Kitchen & Bath, Jacksonville Home & Patio Show Exhibitor

"Great Show"
Take a bow! You have a good business model in how to run a great Home and Garden Show.
-Johnson Consulting Co., Minneapolis Home & Garden Show Exhibitor


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This is an excellent show. There were lines of people at my checkout counter each day. We love to do this show. This was our best show ever - and we participate in approximately 15 shows a year.
Vicki Stobbe, Main Street Company

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