The "How NOT to Exhibit" Top 10 Countdown

Jun 03 2016
Successful exhibitors know the importance of training. They will take the time to teach their staff (and themselves) how to sell while working the booth. Always top of mind is presenting both yourself and your company in a professional way - without being too overbearing - and without being so indifferent that potential customers pass you by. In seconds, people will either be attracted to your booth or repelled by it, and you should always be aware of the image you are presenting.

The "How NOT to Exhibit" Top 10 Countdown

10. Don't cluster together in the booth. This creates an intimidating "Sales Gang" which customers feel unable to approach.

9. Don't spend all your time looking at your phone (magazine or newspaper). LOOK UP. Making eye contact is the first step in a conversation with a customer.

8.  Don't hold a buffet in the booth. Customers will not feel comfortable interrupting your dinner. If you're the only one working, use a "be right back" sign.

7. Don't go MIA. Leaving your booth unmanned means you are missing opportunities. See "be right back" sign above.

6. Don't stalk attendees in the aisles. Following people as they walk past your booth and dragging them back isn't the best way to capture their attention. Confidence works better than pushiness.

5. Don't make assumptions based on appearances. Work on future business relationships. View very customer is a future potential buyer.

4. Don't focus only on one person and ignore everyone else. Acknowledge all potential customers in your booth letting them know you'll help as soon as possible.

3. Don't complain. Remember, complaining attracts the wrong kind of attention.

2. Don't Treat the show like a vacation from the office. It may not be the best day to oversleep and turn up late.

1. Don't party like it's 1999. Spending the day yawning and sleeping in your booth will not convert into sales.

Remember the basics on what makes a great booth salesperson:
1. Wow factor.
2. Friendliness.
3. Remaining aware and active.

For more tips on how to successfully exhibit in a home show review our blog post, 10 Exhibiting Tips to Ensure Your Success.

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