Lead Cards. A Must.

Feb 29 2016
Is your company's goal to schedule appointments and qualify buyers at our home show? The answer should be "yes" if you are in the business of remodeling, flooring, landscaping, roofing, gutters, etc...

Using lead cards while talking to your prospects is critical; you must get the important information right! We're not saying you have to use pen and paper, there are digital methods as well for iPads and tablets that will get the job done. You may find a standard lead card and pen is always good to have on hand for those moments when you run out of battery.  ;o)

Here's the great news, our show teams have lead cards for you - simply check out our websites under "Confirmed Exhibitors" and all you need to do is print!

leadcardLead cards capture important info such as:
  • BEST time to call
  • BEST number to call
  • Timing of their project
  • Budget for their project
  • Interest level
  • Personal information -- Did you meet the family? Write down their names! Did they recently purchase their home? When? Are they going on vacation? Where?

    The more you KNOW, the better you will do.

    P.S. Do not put all home show leads in the same "pot" "bucket" "list"  ...All home shows are not created equal, trust me. Tracking leads from each show separately will allow you to qualify each home show by the type of leads collected; as well as calculate the ROI from the business generated at each show.

    Sue Huff
    Vice President, Sales
    Marketplace Events
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    In a world where customer service has gone by the wayside, Marketplace Events is remarkable in assisting you with every question and concern.
    Felicia W.
    Home Show Exhibitor