Get to Know Your (Home Show) Neighbors

Feb 05 2016

neighboursthumbA home show can be more than just selling to the public. Exhibitors can nurture relationships with each other which often lead to business referrals and future sales. Marketplace Events encourages our exhibitors to foster long term friendships and partnerships with other companies participating in our events. Everyone can benefit from working together – making your booth more attractive, and generating additional promotional opportunities across the show floor.

We have noticed many companies often use our exhibitor-listing tool to reach out to one another before the event, and then go on to work together and create impressive displays. Using all the home core products available and the resources already existing at the show can also save on the costs of rentals from display companies.

Here are some examples of past exhibitor collaborations:

  • Furniture companies have worked with media companies helping furnish their booth in exchange for an advertisement in the magazine or newspaper.
  • Flooring companies can provide discounts on flooring to furniture or kitchen and bath companies in exchange for signage in their booth. Many times the flooring may be used at multiple events.
  • Landscapers have often reached out to patio furniture companies, and BBQ suppliers to create garden and outdoor living displays.
  • Mural and wallpaper companies can work with furniture companies to create beautiful room displays for booths or feature areas.
  • Cross promotion can be included in show brochures or you can also work together to create a show brochure featuring each other’s products.
  • Spa & hot tub companies can find opportunities outside the event to feature products in show homes.

    The end result is a more aesthetically pleasing booth or feature display, and a beautiful impressive show. There is also the added bonus that you will have created a great partner outside of the show who can refer clients and customers to your business. When a potential customer visits a booth and views your product unexpectedly they will ask where it can be purchased. A referral from another friendly business can be priceless leading to more potential sales and new future customers!

    Looking for the exhibitor-listing feature on our websites? It can be found under “Exhibitor Listing” – you may search by keyword or category to find companies of interest.

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    This is an excellent show. There were lines of people at my checkout counter each day. We love to do this show. This was our best show ever - and we participate in approximately 15 shows a year.
    Vicki Stobbe, Main Street Company